Personal Matchmaking

Connect to love with Denver's Cupid! 

100% Private, 100% Free Profile, 100% Personal Matchmaking

As your matchmaker, Denver’s Cupid becomes your personal headhunter and works in the science of the "Art of Matchmaking and the Power of Connection!" The process begins with a complimentary consultation and complete review of history, where the client is at in the world dating, their personality, desires, and more.


If the potential client is interested in moving forward and is also a fit for the matchmaker, Denver’s Cupid will continue the evaluation process of determining key values for life and relationships, working on their personal profile, reviewing match preferences and starting the highly detailed work of finding potential love matches for as many dates as possible a 6-month term. NOTE: This process is NOT a dating service; it is all about finding the most ideal long-term relationship love match.

ALL ARE RECOMMENDED to first create a complimentary profile at Denver's CupidAll in the registry are considered a 'catch', and all are evaluated for clients investing in personal matchmaking -- and dates for 'catches' are complimentary, so nothing to lose and everything to gain! "Everyone Deserves Love!"

  • R. Tony Smith's network becomes your personal network and your personal headhunter.

  • Uses personal intuition and the gift of connecting people

  • 20+ years of personal, community, business and civic connections "Tony knows everyone!"


Denver’s Cupid serves the LGBTQ+ community and is dedicated to finding and inspiring love and long-term committed relationships.



  • Client’s love and relationship aspirations are the heart of Denver’s Cupid

  • Guaranteed absolute privacy between client and matchmaker

  • Maintain and convey the client’s optimism and passion

  • Mutual trust is of the utmost importance

  • Act with integrity and client’s best interest always

  • The greatest gift the matchmaker can give the world is connection and love


Tony's role as Denver's Cupid and matchmaker: 

  • Believe everyone deserves love

  • Bring together like-minded people 

  • Save client’s time

  • Become and expand my clients’ network

  • Bring back excitement to dating

  • Provide support and guidance

  • Work tirelessly and passionately for all 

  • Acknowledge that chemistry between clients is not guaranteed



Denver’s Cupid: the Art of Matchmaking, the Power of Connection.


Everyone deserves love: 100% free profile membership registration is encouraged to be notified of opportunities tailored to you, dating tips, and newsletters. Email us with any questions!

For our community attracted to the opposite sex, we are excited to partner with The Social, Modern Matchmaking!