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Personal Matchmaking

Connect to love with Denver's Cupid!

100% Private, 100% Free Profile, 100% Personal and Boutique Matchmaking

  • Make authentic and heart-fluttering connections with attractive singles that share your lifestyle and relationship goals through our value-based intuitive matchmaking methodology!

  • You deserve love. You deserve to find that special someone you can be yourself with, laugh with, and grow with.

  • Our services are about creating sparks through face-to-face connections. The curve of their smile, the light in their eyes, the timbre of their laugh – it's all the things you won't find when you're swiping left and right.

  • We get it – dating can be nerve-wracking! The unique methodology at Denver's Cupid supports you on your journey so you can arrive at dates feeling attractive, confident, and excited to meet someone fascinating, no matter where it leads.

  • As your matchmaker, Denver’s Cupid becomes your personal headhunter and works in the science of the "Art of Matchmaking and the Power of Connection" to help clients find long-term, loving and committed relationships.


The Personal Matchmaking Process:

  1. Clients create a profile on Denver’s Cupid and schedule a complimentary consultation

  2. Invited clients begin official matchmaker relationship upon successful background check

  3. Matchmaker's rigorous and extensive search of potential matches

  4. Client begins going on dates designed by the matchmaker with highly vetted matches

  5. Post-date follow-up and subsequent date coordination



  • Complimentary profile on Denver’s Cupid

  • Denver’s Cupid becomes your personal headhunter; R. Tony Smith's personal network becomes the client’s network

  • Instant expansion of dating network to 20+ years of local and international contacts

  • Matchmaker uses personal intuition, experiences and gift of connecting people for physical, emotional and psychological matching

  • Worldwide representation to and from other matchmakers

  • Relationship and dating history and status review

  • Review of the science of matchmaking for personal relationship history, relationship expectations, core values

  • Personal profile and match preference analysis

  • Family and friendship history, support and experience discussion

  • Date coaching

  • Save client’s time searching for matches, setting up dates

  • Set up date location and time logistics, reservations, tickets, etc.

  • Post-date analysis and communications between clients and dates

  • Connection to opportunities to meet other people: affinity groups, friends, organizations, etc

  • Never-ending and extensive networking in every possible way

  • 100% privacy: profile is not viewable by anyone but the matchmaker

  • 100% trust and confidence between client and matchmaker

  • 100% transparent company and matchmaker in social media


Additional Process Detail:

The process begins with a complimentary consultation and complete review of history, their Denver's Cupid profile and preferences, where the client is at in the world dating, their personality, desires, values and more. This complimentary process is also to make sure the client and the matchmaker are a good match, and if matchmaking is right for the client at this time.

If the potential client is interested in moving forward and is also a fit for the matchmaker, Denver’s Cupid will continue the evaluation process of determining key values for life and relationships, working on their personal profile, reviewing match preferences, and starting the highly detailed and time-consuming work of finding potential love matches for as many dates as possible in a 6-month term.

The headhunting process can include utilizing the international network of matchmakers, both in terms of finding local and worldwide potential matches – but also making Denver’s Cupid clients available for other matchmaker’s clients. This process is also private and confidential.

NOTE: The matchmaking process is NOT a dating service; it is all about finding the most ideal long-term relationship love match based on overall profile compatibility but more importantly the human and personal intuition of the matchmaker based on all facts available, researched social media, personality traits, visuals and more.

ALL ARE RECOMMENDED to first create a complimentary profile at Denver's Cupid. All in the registry are considered a 'catch', and all are evaluated for clients investing in personal matchmaking, both with Denver's Cupid as well as other matchmakers throughout the world. Dates for 'catches' are complimentary, so nothing to lose and everything to gain! "Everyone Deserves Love!"​



This is a matchmaking service for the LGBTQ community; for our straight and ally friends, we recommend contacting The Social Modern Matchmaking
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