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  3. We will notify you of opportunities for Virtual Curated Dating & Social Events based on your profile.

  4. All are invited to explore Personal Matchmaking by contacting Denver's Cupid for a consultation.

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Virtual Speed Dating

  • Instantly expand your network

  • Bring back excitement to meeting others

  • Meet others with major themes in common based on your profile

  • All that participate automatically are confirmed with free background checks prior to participation

Personal Matchmaking

  • R. Tony Smith's network becomes your personal network and your personal headhunter.

  • Uses personal intuition and the gift of connecting people

  • 20 years of personal, community, business and civic connections

  • Be sure to see company mission / vision / values

Social Events and Seminars for Singles and Couples

The mission of Denver’s Cupid serves the LGBTQ+ community and is dedicated to finding and inspiring love and long-term committed relationships.


  • “Day of Love” seminars will be tailored to help provide support and guidance in all matters of love, and these seminars will be lead by industry professionals, therapists, relationship coaches and more. Subject matter will include topics such as dating tips for all ages, personal work we can do to aid in self-discovery and love, matters specific to each of our very unique attributes for all within our LGBTQ+ community, etc.

  • Client’s love and relationship aspirations are the heart of Denver’s Cupid!

Feel free to email us with any questions!


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