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Denver's Cupid offers many different types of events -- from informational and fun socials to speed dating -- Get out and meet new people! Go one-on-one dates then find out after the event who matched for new friends, other ...or love!


With speed dating, all will enjoy speedy 5-minute 'dates' with as many people as possible in one-hour -- no more swiping left or right! This is both an app and in-person experience! After each date, you'll mark each person for potential LOVE, friend, business --or none! When the event is complete, all will receive an emailed report of the people that you matched with for love, friend or business -- then it's up to you to follow-up with your new matches!


Since 2020, Denver’s Cupid speed dating has connected over 600 participants and successfully matched over 200 couples for dates, over 1,500 for new friendships and over 30 for business connections! Check out the Google Reviews!

The Art of Matchmaking, the Power of Connection.

Everyone deserves love: 100% free profile membership registration is encouraged to be notified of opportunities tailored to you, dating tips, and newsletters.


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