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Denver's Cupid offers many different types of events -- from informational and fun socials to speed dating!



With speed dating, all will enjoy speedy 4-minute 'dates' with as many people as possible in one-hour -- no more swiping left or right! This is both a live app and in-person experience! After each date, you'll mark each person for potential LOVE, friend, business --or none! When the event is complete, all will receive a report of the people that you matched with for love, friend or business -- then it's up to you to follow-up with your new matches!


Since 2020, Denver’s Cupid speed dating has connected 1,000+ participants and successfully matched 400+ couples for dates, 3,000+ for new friendships and 50+ for business connections! Check out the Google Reviews!

The Art of Matchmaking, the Power of Connection.

Everyone deserves love: 100% free profile membership registration is encouraged to be notified of opportunities tailored to you, dating tips, and newsletters.

Speed dating not for you? Consider 100% private, personal and executive matchmaking!


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