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Colorado's Gay Matchmaker

LGBTQ+ Matchmaker, Social & Speed Dating Events

100% Private, Personal and Boutique Matchmaking

20+ Years of Connections and International Matchmaking Network

Our personal and intuition-based matchmaking methodology focuses on matching you with LGBTQ singles that you are attracted to that also share similar values, lifestyle, and relationship goals

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Denver’s Cupid Specializes in Services for the LGBTQ Community


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Passionate about the Art of Matchmaking and the Power of Connection

Intuition and personal matchmaking

20-year resident of Denver

Relationship with his husband since 2002, Married since 2008

Gift of connecting people


Instantly expand network

Bring back fun to meeting people



There’s NO COST to start!

Somewhere over the rainbow is now!

Start connecting to other fabulous people like yourself!

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  • Sporty Queer Women 20s-40s Speed Dating at Tight End Bar Denver
    Sporty Queer Women 20s-40s Speed Dating at Tight End Bar Denver
    Get out & meet sporty queer women 20s-40s! Go one-on-one dates, then find out after the event who matched for new friends, other, or love!
  • ENM Speed Dating - Denver's Cupid & Hart Soirees
    ENM Speed Dating - Denver's Cupid & Hart Soirees
    Discover Connections at ENM Speed Dating
  • Bear Hunting Gay Men 20s-40s Speed Dating at Tight End Bar Denver
    Bear Hunting Gay Men 20s-40s Speed Dating at Tight End Bar Denver
    Get out & meet bears and otters 20s-40s! Go one-on-one dates then find out after the event who matched for new friends, other ...or love!
  • Lesbians 40s-60s Speed Dating Denver at Blush & Blu
    Lesbians 40s-60s Speed Dating Denver at Blush & Blu
    Get out and meet new womxn! Go one-on-one dates, then find out after the event who matched for new friends, other, or love!
  • Gay Men 40s-60s Speed Dating Denver at Hamburger Marys
    Gay Men 40s-60s Speed Dating Denver at Hamburger Marys
    Get out and meet new men! Go one-on-one dates then find out after the event who matched for new friends, other ...or love!
  • Denver Pride Professionals LGBTQ+ Ally Networking Social!
    Denver Pride Professionals LGBTQ+ Ally Networking Social!
    Denver's premier LGBTQ+ Ally business & social networking events... Don't miss our 2nd Qtr professional networking party, Monday June 10!
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We were fortunate to have met Tony shortly after moving to Denver in 2002. Thanks in large part to Tony, our circle of friends grew quickly. It has been inspirational to see a truly good person living his passion every day. Tony has the gift of intuitively knowing who are meant to be soulmates. We’ve seen Tony turn that “meant to be” into happily ever after numerous times.

We believe that there are many factors that can make relationships lasting, vibrant, and fun. For us, these are authenticity, communication, and each person choosing to be 100% responsible for the success of the relationship.


Advice for current single people – Share the things that make you feel alive, the things that make you laugh and smile and glow.  Hiking, volleyball, music, food, wine, etc… whatever is truly “you,” share those things.  The right person will love this about you.  In the beginning this will be what connects you… but before you know it, you will both look back and remember a wonderful starting point to a great adventure together.

Double wedding of Denver's Cupid with Uncles


We have been together since 1978 and are proud to have helped fight for and elevate LGBTQ equality since the Stonewall Riots of 1969.  Alberto began serving our country in the Vietnam War and is proud to have been awarded the Bronze Star for his heroic service. We are also very proud to have been married alongside Tony and his husband Jim in 2008, when marriage was made legal in California. We have enjoyed and witnessed Tony’s growth from literally his infancy to the man he is today, and we can certainly say he inherited the classic Filipino trait of connecting people!


Values very important to our family have always been togetherness and celebration, elevating experiences with friends and family over anything material, taking care of our health, and the importance of giving back.



"What makes a successful relationship?  We think the same things that make for a successful friendship make up a successful relationship.  In our opinion, partners should have some common interests that they can do together as well as some hobbies that they can do by themselves.  Making time for yourself is just as important as making time for one another and we think that it’s important to be willing to support each other’s hobbies.

Our advice for those seeking love is to ask yourself what qualities you’re looking for in a partner.  In these times, it’s important to think about what qualities you would want to have in a person that you may have to be quarantined with." - Craig and Brandon

"I've known Tony for about four years and he's always been kind and active in the community.  He was the first person to see potential in my skills as an athlete and if he hadn't opened himself and invited me into his atmosphere, I may have never met my partner." - Craig



When we moved from Florida to Denver in 2006, we knew virtually nobody. Shortly after the move, fate connected us with Tony and his husband and they've been a significant presence in our lives ever since. In addition to helping us connect with members of our community, Tony has been a positive force in our daily lives, encouraging both of us to take risks, have faith in the good nature of others, and tap into the real 'us.' In every interaction, he's been giving fully of himself, helping us meet truly special individuals and sharing opportunities for greatness. 

Understanding how big his heart is, how he's established himself in the LGBTQ community (and beyond!) as a true leader, and the vast network of individuals and resources available to him, it's clear how Denver's Cupid is a natural extension of his illustrious career and beautiful life.

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After knowing Tony for 10 years, Casey and I only wish he started Denver's Cupid sooner! Had he done so, we likely would have met and fallen in love sooner than we did. We met each other online, but that was the easy part. Building a relationship requires the right mix of communication, shared values, and spontaneity.


We believe our relationship has been successful because we were open and honest about our relationship goals and values early in the dating process. We are ecstatic about Tony starting Denver's Cupid because he has a gift of quickly learning a person's values and personality and is able to engineer a spontaneous introduction that will certainly result in a friendship, but likely more.



One important key to our marriage, is the ability to make our life together fun. Not a day goes by where we don't laugh or make each other laugh, more than any previous relationship. Life isn't always easy, but having a partner that can add levity makes those hard times feel easier. We've learned that it is also important to foster an environment of open and honest communication. If you are able to talk to your partner how you're feeling, when you're feeling it, then you know you have something special. Finally, after building our relationship on laughter and expression, we now know that we can completely depend on each other, knowing that the other person is there regardless of what happens.

After knowing Tony together since 2017, we also know that he is someone we can depend on. Between his willingness to listen and his never-ending wish to connect people, you can depend on Tony to connect you with someone that you can have fun with and depend on. We were proud for Tony to serve as the Officiant for our wedding.



Our first date, in 2011, took place at an event Tony helped organize for another organization. Since then Tony has been a great friend at the center of our social circle. It's amazing to see how much bringing people together brings him alive, especially from the point of view of us two introverts!


One of the keys in our relationship has been the ability to recognize what brings the other joy in day-to-day life and allowing that to happen.


Knowing that connecting people is part of what gives Tony his joy, it makes complete sense that he started Denver's Cupid. We can't wait to see all of the friendships and relationships that he is able to bring together!


We first "met" in 2002 with mutually admiring passing glances at an indoor spring volleyball tournament, and then officially met while playing summer grass volleyball later that same year at Cheesman Park.   


The sport continues to be an important metaphor for us to this day in so many ways: passion, love, active, fair play, teamwork, wins, losses, being social, always striving to do our personal best and perhaps the most important — sharing common values… All incredibly important elements of a successful relationship -- and did we share how much we love our basic hot wings and beer post volleyball?!​


We met each other at seemingly the exact same time in our lives; where we had each figured ourselves out and neither of us was looking to fill any gaps - when the magic happened! Our recommendation to people looking for love is to first take a deep-dive into yourself — while also putting yourself out there to see what you’re made of and what you need. Always remain true to yourself, hopeful and passionate!

Denver's Cupid and his husband at a wedding

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Member: Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
Thank you Arlene Washburn #AVConnexions — Denver’s Cupid is proud to be an affiliate company of the Premier Matchmaker Circle as an Exclusive Elite Member. Our two companies will collaborate on referrals for matchmaking, and dating / relationship Coaching — further enabling long-term & loving committed relationship possibilities for clients.   Denver’s Cupid mission serves the LGBTQ+ community and is dedicated to finding and inspiring love and long-term committed relationships.   The mission at AVConnexions is to provide single men and women with the resources they need to be their best authentic selves and achieve their relationship goals.  #everyonedeserveslove #denverscupid #bornthisway #lgbtqmarriage  #lgbtqmatchmaking #lgbtqmatchmaker #lgbtlovers #gaymatchmaker #americangays #americanlesbians #queerlove #gaydating #lesbiandating #transdating #denversingles  #matchmakers #lgbtentrepreneurs
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